Personal Training Expert


Irene Birrer Piana

I have always been involved in sport, personally and in business. I travelled as the Sport & Medical Therapist with professional cycling teams in Italy, France, Spain, Poland and Switzerland. At that time I was an active triathlete as well. I enjoyed to supervise professional athletes like Runners, Skiers, Cross Country and Cyclists since 1998.

I am driven to stay on task, accepting opportunities to enrich my knowledge in Training Plans and Sport Health Care! Through my experiences, my education and ongoing specializations I have developed this specific POWERHOUSE Personal Training to make sport activity powerful, healthy and enjoyable for everyone!


Powerhouse Personal Training, Kamloops BC, Canada

Pilates & Deep Water Running @ Tournament Capital Centre, Kamloops BC

PilatesCare @ Desert Valley, Health & Wellness, Kamloops BC


Standard First Aid With CPR-C (renewed)

Lifesaving Society Canada


Deep Water Running Instructor 

Tournament Capital Centre Kamloops, BC


National Lifeguard -Pool

Lifesaving Society Canada


Standard First Aid With CPR-C (renewed)

Lifesaving Society Canada

2015 – to date:

Business Owner

Powerhouse Personal Training, Collingwood ON, Canada

Pilates Care – Deep Water Running – Sports Massage

2009 – 2014

Business Owner 

medmass IDee, Massage Therapy & Wellness – S.Nazzaro, Switzerland


Pilates Care Trainer

Bodyfeet AG, Massage & Naturopath Medicine – Zurich, Switzerland


Medical Masseur

Cellsan AG, Medical Massage Academy – Zurich, Switzerland


Sport Masseur

Professional Cycling Team Mobilvetta IT/ Big Mat FR

HAVE A LOOK, art in nature

came totally unexpected into my life in 2010, SMILE was my first sighting! It was my friends that pushed me to show my art in nature to the public! I feel very lucky to keep people’s curiosity alive for Have a Look, Art in Nature!

I have participated in the following Art Shows:

Summer 2013 asmm (association suisse des masseurs médicaux)
Summer 2014 idea natura (hardwood furniture showroom)
Winter    2014 Hotel Larice (luxurious, eco-friendly wood construction)
Sommer 2015 Art on the Street (Art Show Downtown Collingwood)